by Lee Jo Yee As a Japanese and a dancer based in France, Akiko Kajihara is experienced through her participation in different stage projects and professional in delivering her talent. She joined the team of Adrien M & Claire B in 2012 for the creation of Hakanaï, of which she is the principal interpreter. Hakanaï, like other digital art performances produced by the company, is a delicate piece of choreographic performance that amalgamate technology, improvisation and choreography. The series of visuals unfold in motion as a response to the rhythmContinue Reading “Lights, Projection, Action!”

by Nicole Choo Yi Ying Ikat is a production comprised of visual artists, techno musicians, and traditional and urban dancers from four Southeast Asian countries- Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. It revolves around the daily lives and stories of people in various cities and countries. The problems they face, despite being from different places, are the same, which is the consequences of living amidst constant change in the world. This beautiful performance aims to convey the message that love and affection for one’s fellow manContinue Reading “Artists from four countries rejoice in the name of art”

by Raelene Lim Jie Yu 在这个年头,已经有很少人会去真正的欣赏“艺术”。艺术已经渐渐的不被大家重视了,对于现代的人而言,艺术对于他们来说有可能就好像厕纸一样,知道他的重要性但却永远都不去重视。因为很多人都会觉得艺术只不过是可有可无的东西。 蛤!学画画可以找饭吃的吗?当画家可以挣钱的么?这一些问题对于大家来说来说应该都不会感到陌生,从小到大都会一直听到身边的人说到。然而谈到艺术就离不开画画了。很多的家长都会在自己的孩子小时侯送他们去学画画,目地是为了让孩子们可以从小就培养起画画的兴趣。 然而当孩子们想要将画画这一行成为自己的正业时,家长们往往都会反对他们。他们反对自己的孩子将画画转为他们孩子未来的正行。很多时候大家都会认为艺术之所以会被不重视的原因是在于家庭因素,可是人们往往都忘了其实是否问题也出现在教育系统方面的问题呢? 在我们的这个访问环节当中,六位画家提到了外国和我们相比之下会更多地重视艺术。当然也会在学生们还在读书时就灌输并且告诉他们艺术的重要性,好让他们可以在小时候就懂得什么是艺术。艺术对于我们又是有多么的重要。 六位画家分别有郭绍鹏,郭盛达,张汉发,梅志雄,陈首鶄,陈首鍂,邱昌仁。当中提到了希望可以透过这一次的画展来让跟多人享受其中并且学习怎么去欣赏艺术。他们也说到了如果“艺术”是一种毒那么他们希望可以透过这一次的画展来让大家都一起的来“中毒”。 画展的资料如下: 地点:St.Jo’s Chapel Hall Level 2, Gurney Paragon 日期:28 Jul – 6 Aug 2017 时间:11am – 6pm 更多详情 Group 1: Rachel, Raelene, Qiao Lin, Zi Xian

by Rachel Wibisana “Young people think that we are connected because of technology, but they are not aware that language is a much older and more deeply-rooted connection. Languages dates back centuries and they are formed by one of the greatest technologies of all time – writing.” – Gareth Richards You’ve probably heard of conserving trees and energy, but what about conserving a language? Graphic designer Goh Hun Meng and scholar Gareth Richards, who describe themselves as an old married couple, are set to commemorateContinue Reading “Characters Come to Life”

by Calvin Chan Yi Xuan In Malaysia, migrant workers live around us. They are here with one motive – to work so that they can support their families back home. Unfortunately, some had been treated harshly by thier employers and even had their passports confiscated. In other cases as reported on the news, some migrants were tortured to death, some were not compensated and worse of all, some starved to death. How can we allow such inhumane things happen around us? In a world whereContinue Reading “Migrants – those who built our country”

by Maygan Ong Zhi Hui “It’s not going to be just another cookbook.” – Nazlina Hussin Laksa is undeniably one of the delicacies that represent Penang. To mention its unique, savoury taste is enough to make one’s mouth water. This month, laksa lovers all over the world are in for a treat! Nazlina Hussin’s new book The Fierce Aunty’s No-Nonsense Guide to the Perfect Laksa is the perfect addition to your read. The book encompasses not just laksa recipes, but also detailed instructions on how to make theContinue Reading “This book is for all the LAKSA lovers out there”

At its 2011 premiere in Helsinki, Susanna Leinonen Company’s Blinded Mind sold out to no one’s surprise. Being one of Finland’s most internationally acclaimed choreographers, the Susanna Leinonen Company has toured over 20 countries in numerous festivals and iconic venues. In 2012, it was Penang’s turn to play host to Blinded Mind. Combining the company’s trademark fluidity of balletic movements with Erika Turunen’s dramatic costumes, Blinded Mind explores an individual’s courage in going against the grain and the inevitable consequences that follow, something which SusannaContinue Reading “Finnish Choreographer’s Ode to Non-conformists”

Beijing Opera as seen through the lens of two non-Chinese who fell in love with China’s quintessential theatrical tradition. How do you keep an ancient art alive? That’s the question that the Beijing Opera probably gets all the time. As a testament to their ability to keep bringing new flavours into classic Chinese opera, Beijing Opera’s show at the 2010 George Town Festival are fronted by Iranian-born, British-raised Ghaffar Pourazar and Japanese Morimura Chie. Far from being token foreigners in the Chinese troupe, Ghaffar PourazarContinue Reading “British Man & Japanese Woman Take on Beijing Opera”

Saw Teong Hin tried his hand at adapting Hang Tuah’s story using the ancient martial arts form. Many know of silat as a traditional martial arts form that belongs to the Malay civilization. To think of it as a theatrical performance piece is rather rare but in the hands of acclaimed director Saw Teong Hin (Puteri Gunung Ledang), it became a vehicle to showcase the most epic bromance known to Malaysians – the friendship between Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat. Saw Teong Hin’s “Silat –Continue Reading “Legendary tale of Hang Tuah gets a new spin”

Photo credits: Doris Lee Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui has worked with the biggest names in the dance industry but back in 2013, his Shaolin-inspired dance appeared on the humble Dewan Sri Pinang stage. George Town Festival has always been ahead of the curve in terms of bringing artistic talents to Malaysia. You can always trust on the names that are a part of the GTF roster to appear a few years later in the headlines. One such example is Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Although not a well-knownContinue Reading “Before Beyoncé, this man worked with Shaolin monks”