by Lee Jo Yee As a Japanese and a dancer based in France, Akiko Kajihara is experienced through her participation in different stage projects and professional in delivering her talent. She joined the team of Adrien M & Claire B in 2012 for the creation of Hakanaï, of which she is the principal interpreter. Hakanaï, like other digital art performances produced by the company, is a delicate piece of choreographic performance that amalgamate technology, improvisation and choreography. The series of visuals unfold in motion as a response to the rhythmContinue Reading “Lights, Projection, Action!”

by Nicole Choo Yi Ying Ikat is a production comprised of visual artists, techno musicians, and traditional and urban dancers from four Southeast Asian countries- Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. It revolves around the daily lives and stories of people in various cities and countries. The problems they face, despite being from different places, are the same, which is the consequences of living amidst constant change in the world. This beautiful performance aims to convey the message that love and affection for one’s fellow manContinue Reading “Artists from four countries rejoice in the name of art”