Tan Tay Po was seventeen when she became the seventh wife. Cheong Fatt Tze was seventy years old when he married her. His mansion took seven years to build, seven years to restore. But it was no coincidence for Singporean actress Tan Kheng Hua decided to portray the inconspicuous personnel of the illustrious businessman’s seventh wife. She was inspired by the magnificent architecture of The Blue Mansion, once belonged to Cheong Fatt Tze, during her visit in George Town, Penang. #7 is a lecture performanceContinue Reading “The Lucky Number Seven”

Patrizio Buanne captivated the crowd at E&O Hotel during the George Town Ball with his Italian and English renditions of classic gems. Imagine a ball, set in George Town’s oldest and grandest hotels – the E&O. Imagine it soundtracked by the smooth baritone of Italian heartthrob Patrizio Buanne. In 2010, the stuff of fantasies became a reality thanks to George Town Festival. With his repertoire of adult contemporary hits and pop oldies, the singer and songwriter Patrizio Buanne put on a charismatic live show thatContinue Reading “Multilingual Italian Crooner Charmed Penangnites”

Photo credits – Neoh Chee Jin Director Roysten Abel turned his fascination with Rajasthan’s Manganiyar community into an audio-visual feast for the senses. While on the lookout for folk musicians in a Delhi slum for one of his tours, Roysten Abel came across the Manganiyars, a formerly nomadic tribe living in the Rajasthan desert. Practicing a hybrid faith of Islam and Hinduism, a pair Manganiyars followed him everywhere he went for the next two weeks, “seducing” him with their songs. Abel was so intrigued byContinue Reading “Nomadic Musicians made way for George Town”

Emily at Emerald Hill was shown in Town Hall during George Town Festival 2010. George Town Festival, one of the major ASEAN arts festivals in Malaysia, is organised by Joe Sidek Productions Sdn Bhd. The standing ovation is rare in Melbourne, and reserved for the very best performances. This production has moved Australian audiences in such a profound way, and it’s very deserving.” – Melbourne Festival “A damn good piece of theatre.” – TODAY “A dizzying engagement with the androgyny of identity. It was impossibleContinue Reading “Emily Portrayed by three for george town festival”