Finnish Choreographer’s Ode to Non-conformists

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At its 2011 premiere in Helsinki, Susanna Leinonen Company’s Blinded Mind sold out to no one’s surprise. Being one of Finland’s most internationally acclaimed choreographers, the Susanna Leinonen Company has toured over 20 countries in numerous festivals and iconic venues. In 2012, it was Penang’s turn to play host to Blinded Mind.

Photo credits Safwan Shaik Osman
Photo credits Safwan Shaik Osman

Combining the company’s trademark fluidity of balletic movements with Erika Turunen’s dramatic costumes, Blinded Mind explores an individual’s courage in going against the grain and the inevitable consequences that follow, something which Susanna Leinonen claims to do “all the time”.

The dance work plays on contrast and is further supported by the visuals, in which black-and-white and colour engage in thought-provoking ways. The dancers’ strong movement language is complimented by music composed by Kasperi Laine, which Leinonen herself calls “the most fantastic thing about this piece”.

Photo credits Safwan Shaik Osman


Susanna Leinonen Company is hard at work touring still with works like “Romeo & Juliet”, a dance interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tale of tragic love, done in collaboration with award winning dancer, Jouka Valkama

Photo credits Safwan Shaik Osman

Blinded Mind was performed during George Town Festival 2012. George Town Festival, one of the major ASEAN Arts festivals in Malaysia, is organised by Joe Sidek Productions Sdn Bhd.

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