Multilingual Italian Crooner Charmed Penangnites

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Patrizio Buanne captivated the crowd at E&O Hotel during the George Town Ball with his Italian and English renditions of classic gems.

Imagine a ball, set in George Town’s oldest and grandest hotels – the E&O. Imagine it soundtracked by the smooth baritone of Italian heartthrob Patrizio Buanne. In 2010, the stuff of fantasies became a reality thanks to George Town Festival.

With his repertoire of adult contemporary hits and pop oldies, the singer and songwriter Patrizio Buanne put on a charismatic live show that had the crowd eating out of his hands. His rendition of classics spanned different genres and languages but Patrizio held it all together with his easygoing stage persona.

Being somewhat of a language prodigy, Patrizio spoke several languages fluently as early as 17-years-old. He is reportedly fluent in Italian, German, English, French, Spanish and Polish and the proof was in the pudding as he switched with ease between the best songs in the great Italian and American songbook, belting out hits like ‘Mambo Italiano’ and ‘Fly Me To The Moon’.


The crooner put out a compilation album of his hits from the first 10 years of his career in 2016 titled “BRAVO Patrizio”. Concert tour plans stretch from 2016 to 2017 and cover not just the US but also Australia, South Africa, Latin America, and yes, Asia as well. Patrizio is currently hard at work putting together his first Spanish speaking album, slated to be released this year.  

Patrizio Buanne performed at the George Town Ball during George Town Festival 2010.

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