This book is for all the LAKSA lovers out there

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by Maygan Ong Zhi Hui

“It’s not going to be just another cookbook.” – Nazlina Hussin

Laksa is undeniably one of the delicacies that represent Penang. To mention its unique, savoury taste is enough to make one’s mouth water. This month, laksa lovers all over the world are in for a treat! Nazlina Hussin’s new book The Fierce Aunty’s No-Nonsense Guide to the Perfect Laksa is the perfect addition to your read.

The book encompasses not just laksa recipes, but also detailed instructions on how to make the noodles. Even people who have minimal experience in the kitchen can start from scratch.

Nazlina Hussin

Furthermore, Nazlina has taken account of all aspects of laksa making while writing her book. An ingredient selection guide teaches home cooks everything there is to know from selecting fish, preserving ingredients to identifying vegetables.

As the title implies, there is absolutely no nonsense in the book. Written in English and Malay to cater to both locals and tourists, the recipe book is systematically ordered with detailed laksa recipes originated from various regions such as Perlis, Sarawak, Thailand and the remarkable Kelantan Laksam!

Dubbed the ‘Fierce Aunty’ because she does not tolerate any “nonsense”, Nazlina sculpted the book to perfection, proof-read it multiple times, fine-tuned and modified it. Nazlina used vibrant photos in all her recipes, making them not just literal but also visual.

“It will be like a textbook, but a fun textbook,” the author stated.

Having graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering in Manchester University, Institute of Science and Technology in England, Nazlina’s love for cooking never ceased. She loved entertaining her friends with her exquisite food. She was introduced to cooking since young, and her house used to be constantly filled with the tantalizing smell of food.

Now, Nazlina’s passion inspires not only her two children, but also to other people through her website Pickles and Spices. She also conducts traditional food cooking classes called Nazlina’s Spice Station, which has won three Trip Advisor’s Certificates of Excellence consecutively since 2015. These classes provide hands-on experience on purchasing ingredients and preparation, giving the students a well-rounded cooking experience.

A soft launch of The Fierce Aunty’s No-Nonsense Guide to the Perfect Laksa will be conducted during Macam-Macam ASEAN at the Penang State Museum, held by George Town Festival on the 29th of July to the 30th of August 2017. For more information, visit

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