Why Art (Part 4)

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Art is not what you see, but what you want others to see. We believe that every living soul is an artist in their own way; that what they do is Art to someone else. In this project, we roamed around George Town in search of everyday people who are contributing to the unique character of this city.

A community project, Why Art, was launched in May by the Youth Ambassadors with the objective of understanding how the local art scene has changed lives and inspired people. They roamed the streets of George Town, interviewing and collecting, engaging stories from people of different races and age groups. Here are their works:

“My favourite flower here is the orchid. Orchids are like human, all you need to do is water it.”

“How? Treat it with love everyday?”

“Water only lah.”

“What I love about the old buildings in Georgetown is their history. I am not talking about the newer ones, I am talking about Khoo Kongsi, Esplanade and Masjid Kapitan. Buildings like these are really from way back. It existed through time with wonderful stories to tell. That’s what I love about it.”

“Art does not only make my son more focused and patient, but it also draws me closer to him. Back then , I had no interest with art at all – not even a single bit, that is until my son came along. We draw together, colour together and even sing Linkin Park songs together. I learnt art because of him and for him.”

“I really like Penang. The cultural diversity here in Penang is like no place other. Everyone here is kind and laid back; they don’t walk fast, talk fast or eat fast. They take their time. They take their time to know people. And with such diversity, they get to know people from all walks of life. They also get to taste different kinds of food from different ethnic groups.”

“Growing up in a family that is no so traditional, my sister and I were exposed at a very young age on how to use chopsticks. And our breakfast consisted of dimsum and char koay theow. My sister’s favourite was koay teow th’ng, while I more of a wantan mee girl. That’s the thing about Malaysia, Penang especially, is how each race and religion is exposed to so many dimensions of other people’s culture. I love Penang because I am part of diverse cultures.”


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